Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Big (Mac) Day for Peyton!

Today I took Peyton out to McDonalds and let her have her first Big Mac. She's a tiny little (almost) 9 year old with a crazy desire to have a Big Mac that has been bugging her for quite some time. I'm not sure why she wanted to try one so bad - maybe because it's called "Big" and she's, well...little? Or maybe it's because she is feeling like she's more grown up than she used to be and once you have that first Big Mac, well, that's it - you're officially BIG?

I've tried to tell her it's more than she can handle, but she wanted to see for herself. We're not big McDonald's eaters, but enjoy the occasional trip and today was one of those days! She was ready and I was willing to let her try to tackle the challenge.

Just to mark the occasion, I decided to take a picture of her eating her first Big Mac. Needless to say, my little girl fell short of actually finishing the sandwich, but I'm glad she finally got to experience the thrill (?) of it. I'm also proud to say she ate every single apple in her Apple Dippers even though the sandwich wasn't quite finished! :) I never once said "I told you so" but her reaction to it showed me she knew it was more than she could handle.

I can absolutely relate to this. Often in life I see something I want and I won't give up until I get it only to realize I've gone after something way bigger than I could handle. Can you relate? I'm pretty sure it's a human tendency we all struggle with. I'm glad God knows what's best for me. Sometimes He lets me bite off more than I can chew only to allow me to learn to listen the next time and to teach me what's best for me. Oh, thank you Lord for your sovereignty!

Proverbs 16:9 We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

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