Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to my New Blog!

New location, same stuff! Welcome to Real Life with Leslie Nease - you will still find the same kind of posts and information here at my "new address"as you would have found at my old blog address. If you are interested in looking up a previous post, please just email me - I have the old blog posts in a pdf file that I can email you. My email address is .

For more information about my speaking ministry, please visit my website at I also have a facebook page at I look forward to our continued friendship!



Teri said...

Hey Leslie! Thanks for your update to "blogspot"! Just changed your info on my bloglist... Have a wonder-full day! Teri

Angie said...

Love the design!!
Thanks for sending out the emails letting us know.

BTW....Don't you just hate it when you realize you have the same traits or habits your parents had and your kid points it out!!!
(This is about your twitter comment)

Leslie Nease said...

Thanks Teri & Angie! Glad you are enjoying the new "address" for the blog! :) And Angie...yes, I know what you mean...hahaha

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