Thursday, October 29, 2009

Waking Up

I have determined that waking up my teenage son each morning is the most dreadful thing I have to do all day. He just won't budge! He says "I'm up!" and then I get distracted, picking up things, doing laundry or blogging (haha) and then ten minutes later I realize I don't hear any movement at all.

Are you awake??! I yell. "Yeah, mom. I'm up." Still nothing. I go up and try begging and pleading "Please, you don't understand. I have so much to do. I don't have time for this! I don't know how you're ever going to make it out in the world without me to drag you out of bed every morning."

I'm kidding but serious at the same time, of course.I love my son so much, he's a great kid. He just really likes to sleep. Well, unless it's night time. He's a night owl like I used to be. I'm convinced that by the time he falls asleep, he reaches the REM state of sleep right around the time I go wake him up!

Anyway, this got me thinking this morning about the night Jesus asked the disciples to pray for Him but they kept falling asleep. Remember this? It was the night before His crucifixion and He knew that even though they were in the nice, quiet, peaceful Garden of Gethsemane, the time was coming and He knew that it was merely the calm before the storm that would be upon them within minutes. (You can read about it in Matthew 26)

Three times Jesus asked them to pray and He kept finding them asleep. In the Bible it actually says "they couldn't keep their eyes open" (NLT version). I know that feeling, and I think my son does too!

This story always broke my heart when I read it but then I realized that often I do the same thing. If you notice, Jesus even says in this passage of scripture that we have to pray so we don't give into temptation because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He was very adamant in telling them that He was crushed with grief - to the point of death, even! And yet they slept.

I can't help but wonder if it is because the garden was so peaceful. What could possibly go wrong on a night like that? It didn't make sense to them. And they probably remembered that just a few days earlier, they were in a storm, fearing for their lives on a boat in the middle of the water and Jesus was sleeping! Why couldn't He stay awake during their time of need? (Luke 8:22-25)

I think it's another subtle way that God is teaching us a very important life lesson. Jesus is the One we are to pattern our life after, right? So when was He actually resting? Was it in the peaceful garden? Or the fierce storm? 


I think it's amazing how easy it is to forget about God, to fall into temptation and follow my own ways and desires when things are easy - peaceful and serene. But when those storms come, the times when He tells me to "rest and trust", I panic.

We can get things so backwards sometimes, can't we? But God is patient and loving and He gives us encouragement in His word to show us the right way. Jesus told us to watch and pray so we don't fall into temptation and I believe the temptation He could be talking about is the temptation to forget about God during times of bliss. We must be intentional in our prayers during those times.

I truly believe this is a message for us today.  It's time to wake up, get up, clean up, dress up and stand up for God's Truth.  It's easy to get complacent, it's easy to forget that every good thing we have is from Him.  But the Word of God instructs us to "forget not His benefits" and Jesus specifically says we are to keep watch and to be alert to what is going on - He will be coming back for us.  His words in Matthew 24 are coming to pass...but are we going to be awake to see it?

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Anonymous said...

YOu have so refreshed me this day. I am so encouraged to know there other people like me, so adamant for God and bold in the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the Good work. May God keep blessing you and yours continually.

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