Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Lesson in Human Psychology - Nease Style!

My daughter, my son and I went to the movies after a run to Starbucks a few weeks ago.  We had not finished our coffee when we got to the theater and we were not sure if they would allow us to have outside drinks in the theater, so we were left in a quandary.  What followed was strangely psychologically intriguing as we all three reacted in ways that totally reflect our personalities...

Stephanie:  Stephanie is very cautious, never does anything to offend anyone and is super sweet.  Her personality is always "Avoid confrontation at all costs."  So....Stephanie chugged her coffee in the car before we approached the ticket counter and then ended up sick to her stomach as we approached the theater.

Tommy:  Tommy is a rebel.  He is one who takes risks, enjoys a challenge and is always angry that the movie theaters charge more than they should for food and drink so he has no issue with bringing his own food or drink in.  So....he took the coffee and put it inside of his jacket and zipped it up.  There was a problem, was spilling out all over him and he got wet and the coffee burned his skin and then he smelled like Starbucks for the rest of the day.

Me:  I've learned by life experience that "we have not because we ask not".  I did not want to chug my coffee because I knew it would make me sick, but my convictions would not allow me to hide it and I said to my kids "You're over-reacting..let's just ask what we should do and then we will be able to make a decision."  So....I asked the lady as I purchased my tickets if it would be okay if I took my coffee into the movie theater.  She warmly replied "Sure!  No problem."

At that point, my kids looked at each other and started cracking up laughing as they realized their decisions completely reflected their personalities and mine reflected mine. Often we think we know what we are up against but honestly we don't know until we ask or take a concerted effort to find out!  Hopefully, they learned that things aren't always what they seem...

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Lori Rodefer said...

Couldn't help but read this & laugh. We went through almost this same scenerio a few years ago. My husband had just bought a coffee from Starbucks & was told he had to pour it out - he on the other hand, just kept walking like he didn't hear them - I wonder "psychologically" what that says about him - LOL?

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