Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Living Water

Yesterday I talked about the manna that God miraculously fed the Israelites in the wilderness as they wandered through the wilderness en route to the Promised Land.  Today I'm reading in Exodus 17 about how they were grumbling because of their severe thirst while in the wilderness and it brought back some not-so-pleasant memories!  I remember on Survivor, I never thought I could be that thirsty.  It's past what you could imagine, worse than I ever thought it would be.  You get delirious, forgetful, and you say really stupid things when you're dehydrated.  It may be how the Israelites forgot God's goodness and miracles, I don't presume to know for sure, but I have been extremely thirsty before and I get it.

I love the imagery of the rock that God had Moses strike with his staff and then water poured out for them to drink and be quenched.  The rock, to me, symbolizes Jesus Christ who is also called the Rock of our Salvation.  He was struck while on the Cross to pour forth His blood for us to be cleansed of our filthy sin. We grumble, complain and are delirious and must come to the Rock for life. 

When Jesus tells us in John 7:37 that "if any man is thirsty, come to Me", He's not talking about a physical drink or even physical thirst.  The word He uses is the Greek word pinĊ and it means "figuratively, to receive into the soul what serves to refresh strengthen, nourish it unto life eternal".

Imagine of a glass of water sitting on your counter.  It's cool, it's refreshing, you know it will quench your thirst and you are thirsty - really thirsty.  Just knowing that water will quench your thirst is not enough, is it?  "Oh, I agree that water will quench my thirst!  I have no doubts."  But if I don't drink it in, I will not be quenched.  I will just believe I would.  What if the Israelites shouted "Yes! We have water that will quench us!" and then they never drank it in for themselves?

Believing in Christ means we drink Him in...not just that we agree with who He is.  Satan believes Jesus is who He says He is, too.  But He doesn't drink Him in for himself...instead, he is the one who will draw us away from Christ by promising us things of this world that will not last and have no eternal life in them. 

Do you really drink in the Living Water of Jesus or do you just know that if you did you would be saved?  It took me years to figure this one out.  Drink Him in, friends.  He offers it to us freely - even though we grumble, complain and are delirious at times.  Without Him, we will die.  We can drink in God's life, or we can die in our thirst, chasing after the lies of the world that will never satisfy us.  Just knowing Jesus is the Rock of our Salvation is not enough, we must drink Him in for ourselves and allow Him to give us life.

To read about the story in the Bible of Moses and the Israelites that I've referenced the past two posts, you can go to Exodus 14-17.

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