Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A few years ago I went through a very difficult time health-wise. I was facing major surgery and I had many well-meaning people surround me and tell me that if I would just have enough faith, I could get well and wouldn't have to have surgery. As days passed and I did not heal, I began to think my faith wasn't big enough - that I was weak and pathetic. I ended up having the surgery and as a result, I was healed (thank you Lord!).

Sometimes God has other plans for us - plans we don't completely understand. I wrote this poem to encourage people who are believing God for a miracle but have not seen it happen yet - at least not in the way they had hoped and expected. I pray that if you or someone you love is going through a difficult time right now that you will be encouraged by this poem I called "Suffering"....

They told me “Just have faith! You must believe it’s true!
Because believing is the key to this illness leaving you!”

They quoted verses on healing, said Jesus died so we wouldn't be sick;
They told me if I’d just claim it, this illness I would kick.

So I prayed and cried and wondered why the Lord seemed so unwilling
To heal my hurting body and answer to my bidding.

My prayers I prayed unwavering and I believed all the right verses
But instead of the hopeful blessings I felt my life was full of curses.

Then one day as I was praying the Lord spoke to me through a verse
He said suffering produces character and that my life could be much worse.

He showed me that the purpose of my suffering would be
A closer walk with Him and His faithfulness I would see.

During suffering and in illness we can draw closer to our Jesus!
And when we rely on Him for strength, others notice and believe us.

And what speaks louder to this world than a thankful, joyful man
Who doesn’t appear to have much luck but nonetheless can stand?

Our Lord, He draws us close when we recognize He is near
He puts His arms around us and teaches us not to fear.

The Bible makes it clear that times of suffering will come
And that He will be there holding us through each and every one.

And another thing He tells us is that trials are in store
Because the testing of our faith will help us grow to trust Him more!

So consider it pure joy, my friends when we face trials of many kinds,
Our Lord has paused to teach us that He will never leave our side.

Hold on, my friend, the healing will come through His Power & His Might
It may look different than you thought, but His ways are always right.

Our purpose in life is not to live a life of comfort and of ease
It's to become more like Jesus & our Heavenly Father to please.

-Leslie Nease

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