Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Voice of Truth

I wrote this poem a little over a year ago...and was feeling compelled to share it with you today. I hope it will bless you, no matter what you are going through today.  

I love you.

Those were the words I heard as I ran away in fright
I ran because I didn't have the courage left to fight

I love you.

Though His words were true, I did not comprehend
That His love is unconditional and on it I could depend 

I love you.

There He goes again!  I cannot run away
His voice was getting stronger now - my knees were giving way

I love you.

Even though I didn't love Him like I should?
Why would He love me anyway?  I'd never do Him any good.

I love you.

Oh, His voice was sweet and gentle and so clear!
So why was I afraid to trust a love that was sincere?

You're worthless.

The other voice is loud - the one that tells me lies.
I'm weary from this battle now, my tired spirit cries.

He's mad at you.

See, I knew that it was too good to be true
After all I've done to hurt Him, after all I've put Him through

You're a fraud.

This couldn't be truer - I've pretended and deceived
I based my faith on religious acts, but I never truly believed.

I love you.

There He is again!  I feel more safe and sure
The Voice of Truth is speaking now - so gentle and so pure.

You're priceless.

Could it be the Truth - that Jesus died for me?
A price that no one else could pay - to set my spirit free!

I'm not mad at you.

He reminded me that His wrath was satisfied
On the day that Jesus gave His life and was brutally crucified

I love you.

I couldn't live this life of pretending it wasn't so
That lying voice was silenced now! It was time for it to go

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me Lord! I've sinned and gone astray!
Would you forgive me for my sin and live in me today?

I love you.

I believe Him now, and I receive this truth for me
I feel the chains are lifted and I'm finally living free!

I love Him.

So my life has changed, I'm not living like before
His Holy Spirit's presence in me has given me hope for what's in store! 

Jeremiah 31:3
..."I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness."

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