Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Rico & Oliver...Our Answered Prayers!

Peyton has been begging for a puppy of her own for years and recently, my husband agreed to begin the search!  We called last week when we saw the ad for two Shih Tzu male puppies for sale and after speaking with the sweet lady on the other end, we were informed that there was another woman who was looking at them and she would be going to see them on Thursday night.  The owner of the puppies promised the other lady that she wouldn't do anything until she had a chance to meet the puppies and see if she wanted them.  I wasn't sure if my husband would want TWO puppies anyway (we already have one dog!) but he was all for it - said it would be good to get both Kennedy & Peyton one to help teach them responsibility.  He said it could be my birthday present. :)  Sweet.

I told Peyton and Kennedy that we would go see them only if the lady didn't like them, but honestly I couldn't figure out how that would ever happen because they were the cutest little boys I'd ever seen!  But immediately, Peyton started to pray.  As I tucked her in that night, she prayed..."Heavenly Father, please can we get those puppies?  I love them so much.  You made them so cute!  But if you don't want us to have them I hope you will help me not to be too sad.  Just please make the right decision.  Thank you!"

Earlier, I explained to her that sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to but it's because God has another plan, even when we can't understand how it could possibly be for the best.  I told her not to get her hopes up too much because it would be really hard if this other woman decided to get the puppies.  Then I told her that God would help her if that happened.  Apparently, she must have listened because her prayer was just precious!

The girls continued to pray throughout the day.  They got home from school and said "Mommy did they call yet?"  I said, "No, they didn't.  Remember...they won't call until Thursday night and it's only Wednesday."  She prayed again.  "Please God.  Can we have the puppies?  Can you help my heart if we can't?"  

Right after dinner, the phone rang.  Peyton answered it and gave it to me.  It was the owner of the puppies.  She said "I have some good news for you.  Apparently, the woman who wanted the puppies was surprised by her best friend today who bought her a puppy.  You can come meet them if you want to!  They are available!"  I couldn't believe my ears.

I looked at Peyton and she was already beaming with excitement!  She jumped up and down and then Kennedy started jumping was a sight.  I said "OK, we'll go see them tomorrow (knowing that we would probably be getting them)!  But isn't there someone you need to thank right now?"  They bowed their heads and Peyton prayed...Heavenly Father, thank you so much!!  You made the right decision!"

We've had Rico and Oliver for about two days now and they are just awesome.  We picked them up on my birthday!  What a blessing they are!  And the girls are so excited.'s been a little bit of an adjustment but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are family now.  I will never forget the beauty of the faith of a child who knew that if she prayed, no matter what happened, God would answer.  I'm glad He said yes, of course, but I'm also very aware of the fact that if it had not worked out this way, she would be just fine.  I thought about what I'd told Peyton... "Don't get your hopes up!"  Wow.  I guess she showed me, huh?  I love it when I'm wrong...well, at least this time!

Here's Peyton with the puppies, a photo taken earlier today as we drove to Pet Smart....

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