Friday, April 2, 2010

Gutsy for God? We Want to Hear Your Story!

Do you know.... 
  • Someone who took a public stand for their faith in God?Announcing!
  • Someone who led a movement that made a difference in their community?
  • Someone who made a difference in your life through their generosity and compassion?
  • Someone who lives out loud in a way that inspires you?
If so, we want to know about them!  Please...send your stories to us at and the guy or gal chosen for the story will be featured on our blog each month and in our newsletter and will be sent a Gutsy for God Care Package as a thank you from us (and you!) for what they are allowing God to do through them!

We look forward to hearing inspiring stories!

Send us your Gutsy stories - 200 words or less - to and attach a jpg photo of your friend (with you if possible!) along with the email.  Make sure you get permission!  The deadline for the following month is the 20th of the current month.  (Next story deadline is APRIL 20).

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