Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeing God

When I was training to be on Survivor, I remember finding four leaf clovers all the time along the trail as I was running.  I felt like it was a little encouragement from God as I was training and preparing for what would be one of the most grueling challenges of my life to that point.  I've always loved four leaf clovers, but not because I think they make me lucky or anything.  It's because they remind me of something very sweet....

When I see a three-leaf clover, it reminds me of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - all together, in unity.  When I see a four leaf clover, it reminds me of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and a true believer in Christ who is linked up with them - together in unity.  It's just special.  I love it.

I knew when I went out to my camp in China that God would probably show me a four leaf clover or two on my camp.  I even told some of my tribemates about it - and explained why it was so special to me.  Yeah, they probably thought I was a little nutty, but who cares?  I was sure He would show me one at some point. 
Well, about four days into our adventure, I was walking a back path behind the camp with Denise and we were looking for snails (yes, to EAT!). I looked out of the corner of my eye and found a four leaf clover!  I was soooo excited!  But then it got even more exciting when I realized there wasn't just one, not even two or three - but thousands of them!  It was an entire large patch of four-leaf clovers!  I couldn't even catch my breath I was so excited!  I told Denise "God gives us far more than we could ever ask or imagine!" and then I picked eight of them and ran back to camp to show everyone what I'd found and to give them each one.  

I  gathered them around.  They asked if I'd found food.  I said "No, but I found something better!"  OK, oops.  You should never say you found something better than food on Survivor, but I digress....

I reminded them of my search for a four leaf clover and told them how I'd found an entire patch of them.  They all took the clover I'd picked for them and as I looked on, they all popped it in their mouth and said "Hmmm...not bad..."  Ouch.  For a moment, I was kinda hurt I suppose.  Nobody seemed to understand my excitement!  Almost immediately, though, I felt the Lord calm me down and remind me that the experience was for me, not to take it so personally.  

The producers called me aside and said "How did it make you feel when your tribe ate those clovers you picked for them?"  "Well," I said "It's okay.  I understand that was between me and God - but I'm happy I could provide them with a spring salad!"

I was telling this story to a friend at lunch today.  As we walked out of the restaurant, I walked over to a patch of clovers I saw from a distance and looked down and sure enough - there was a four leaf clover.  I was so excited!  Then...not a moment later...another one.  I hardly had to look.  I just love how God speaks to us through His nature.  

If you're excited about something and you can't understand why everyone else isn't jumping up and down with you, please don't lose heart.  Maybe it's just for you and God?  Either way, I pray you will see Him in everything around you today. He's there - and He wants to show you that He's with you and He loves you! 

Matthew 5:8 God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.


Jennifer Lamphear said...

Little Leslie! THAT is amazing! I love it! God is so cute to give us what we need...when we need it. Riley asked me yesterday, "How does God talk to you Mama?" (We had a rare day together alone) I said, (as I prayed quickly) "Well, God talks to me through are very wise.... and through butterflies, and through music." She said, "Oh that is sweet." We are amazed at how God goes BEYOND to show us that He is right here, with us, paying close attention... God is very cool. I love Him.... I love that He gave you the four-leaf clover....I LOVE what it means to you... that is amazing. God is so cute. Love you, Have a Happy Friday. LOVE JENN!

Michelle @ SomeGirlsWebsite said...

What a great story of God being active in your life! Thanks for sharing this! ♥

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