Monday, May 24, 2010

The Wayward Child

Noises surround me and my heart is feeling weak
As I stand here before you I can hardly even speak

For I used to be stronger, but my strength - it has failed
As I chose to go wandering and the lies I inhaled

The lies that were spoken were so hard to discern
For I'd forsaken your Word and chose the hard way to learn

This path is well-trodden, I've been down it before
But each time I always swore I would tread down it no more

And yet here I am again, with my head hanging low
This lonely, dark path where the weeds and thistles grow

Whatever possessed me to walk this dark way again?
All alone and so lonely, while You watched me pretend.

Your heart must have broken as You saw me walk away
Your love never left me, though You allowed me to stray.

And now I'm returning and I'm down on my knees
Begging for forgiveness and wanting only to please.

My heart is just breaking as I look in Your eyes
I'm so tired of wearing this evil disguise!

It's overwhelming to me how You embrace me and say:
"My child, I've always been here, I've never gone away.

Your apology is accepted, I can see your heart is pure
Please keep your eyes on Me, so evil cannot lure.

Remember to fear Me and to give Me control
I will restore all of the things that the enemy stole."

The tears are falling now and I'm filled with such joy;
God's love has restored what the devil tried to destroy!

I receive Your forgiveness, Lord, and I want to be free
Thank You for Your grace and Your mercy to me!

-Leslie Nease

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Amy C said...

WOW!!! This is AMAZING!! It speaks so much to my heart.

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