Friday, July 30, 2010

The Light Will Come

To the one with the wounded heart
The years fighting have left you scarred
Wait the light will come
To the one with the distant eyes
All this crying has left you dry
Wait the light will come

Lift your eyes
The sun has overcome the night
Come alive
As we shine in loves true light

Here is laughter beyond the tears
Here is courage to face your fears
Look the light has come
So rise you daughters and stand you sons
Claim the victory that Jesus won
Look the Light has come

These are the words to Phil Wickham's song The Light Will Come.  Can you relate to the words of this song?  Are you having a time of darkness - difficulties that seem to pull you down, wave after wave, keeping you from seeing the light at times?  Maybe it's a relationship that has gone bad.  Maybe you lost your job and it seems there are no jobs to be found and time is ticking.  Some people are living in a dark cloud of depression which keeps them down - even when they have what seems to be the "perfect life".  Life can be so hard sometimes.  I can totally relate.

We all, at some point, wait for the light to come.  As a believer in Jesus, I know that I have found the true Light in my life, but that doesn't mean that every day is sunshine and rainbows.  There are times I have to have faith (dig deep to believe the light is there even though I cannot see it or feel it sometimes) because we live in a very dark, dangerous world that is filled with sin.  The Light has come - and whatever it is you are going through today, that is a promise of God. 

The problem is, sometimes we get comfortable in our darkness.  It's what we are used to.  Think about it - when you are in a room and the lights go out, at first you are in a room of pitch blackness.  But after awhile you begin to see more and more as your eyes adjust to the darkness around you.  It becomes so comfortable, in fact, that you close your eyes instinctively when someone walks into a room and switches the light on and you squint to keep the light from blinding you!
Let's consider the light of the sun:  First, it makes things grow.  It gives life to living things.  It is warm, comforting and soothing, but it can also be exposing, bright and offensive if you've been in darkness for a long time.  It gives us light to see our way.  Come to think of it, those same qualities of the sun are also qualities of the Son.  I like that.  And just like the sun rise, the Son rises gently in our lives, not harshly like the person who walks into a room and flips the switch that makes you close your eyes and squint in pain!

OK, there is an exception to this in the bible - when Christ appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus...that is a super-cool true story of how a man who persecuted and killed Christians met Jesus Christ, face to face and was blinded physically by the light and purity of Jesus but actually had his eyes opened spiritually (you can read about this in Acts 9)!  He had problems with his physical eyesight from that moment on, though he did see well enough to travel around telling others the Truth about Jesus Christ.  And spiritually speaking, his eyes were so opened that the Holy Spirit used him to write about two-thirds of the New Testament!  So, you see, Christ used a time of physical darkness in Saul's life to bring light to his spiritual eyes.  Could it be that He may be using the time of darkness in your life to do the same?

I pray today that if you are experiencing darkness in your life you will be strengthened in your faith that the Light will come.  Jesus is there - He is not going to allow this darkness to consume you!  Reach out to Him - He is gentle and kind and He has come to give us hope in a dark world.  We cannot be afraid to allow Him to expose the dark areas of our lives, though.  Maybe your darkness is caused by hurts or pains in your life and though you are a believer, it seems dark today. You are a child of the Light according to the Bible - so don't allow the enemy to rob you of your joy and your peace!  Walk in the truth of who you are - Whose you are.

Maybe your darkness is there because you are not walking in the Light of Jesus - you are not a believer and you are not sure about all this "Jesus stuff".  I pray today that you will see that He loves you and He wants to bring you out of this darkness and into His marvelous Light!  John 3:19-21 says "This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."  

Today I pray that God will lift the darkness in your life gently - that the Son will shine and give you comfort and peace in this dark world.  How good our God is to give us the Hope that He does! We don't deserve it, we don't earn it, He just loves us and wants the best for us.

The Light has come.

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Leslie Nease said...

Just had a couple more thoughts....God is faithful just as the sun is faithful to rise each day - He is there. Just because the night comes it doesn't mean the sun isn't there - it doesn't go anywhere...but we are the ones who turn away, just as the earth is the one turning away from the sun. But without the darkness, would we ever truly appreciate the light? Would we ever see the stars?

Thinking some deep thoughts today...LOL xxoo

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