Friday, July 2, 2010

Lost Cause? Think Again.

She was a young teenage prostitute.  A Christian missionary (we'll call her Jane) who lived in the area had taken her in and given her a place to live and, to her dismay, the young girl stole things from her home whenever she would leave.  But instead of sending her out, she would just take her with her whenever she'd leave the house - even on dates!  She put her through a program of rehabilitation and watched as the young girl, who was still a teen, went right back into her lifestyle - time and time again.  Jane eventually moved away.

Jane continued to pray for this young girl daily by name.  She plead with God to save her, to change her and to give her a new life.  Several years later, Jane received the call she so desperately wanted to receive...the young girl had turned her life over to Jesus and had successfully gone through rehab!  She had a new life.  The rejoicing was mixed with awe as she praised God for this miracle!

Is there someone in your life that you've given up on?  Someone you've prayed for so long that you're beginning to wonder if it's worth it?  Maybe they are too far gone.  Maybe you feel you need to move on. Or maybe there is someone you sense God is prodding you to share the Good News with but you feel that they are not going to respond - and you're not even sure you want them to! encouraged.  There is no one on earth that God cannot save.   He has the power and the Bible clearly says that He desires that all people come to repentance! 

Often I think we can come off as a sort of "Jonah" in the world.  Jonah thought Ninevah was a lost cause - that the people were so sinful that not only did he not believe God would save them, but he actually didn't even want Him to save them!  He ran from God's call to share the truth with them because he felt it was hopeless.  Then, the storm came and he was swallowed up by a fish where he stayed for three days.  Eventually, Jonah reluctantly obeyed God and when he preached to Ninevah, the entire city repented!  Instead of rejoicing, Jonah had a pity party.  "Why would God save these despicable people? " But God used Jonah's "belly of the whale" experience to bring him low in order to lift him up to be used in a mighty way as He reminded Jonah of His awesome power and might. 

I'm not sure who it is you're praying for or who you may have given up on or maybe you are even avoiding being around them...but I know that we serve a powerful God.  If He is calling you to reach out to someone - someone you see as sinful, hopeless or even despicable...don't run from this call.  When we do this, we will inevitably find ourselves in a storm and may even spend some time (not literally - but figuratively) in the belly of the whale.  God's love for the lost is a very motivating and powerful force!

If God calls you to it, He will see you through it.  He will give you words to speak, He will begin a work in the heart of that person (or those people).  Trust Him and don't hold back - He is mighty to save!

After all, didn't He save you?  (smile)

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