Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are They Listening?

Yesterday around 2:45 or so, there was a terrible accident on I-77 in Fort Mill.  A tanker truck apparently hit another car, rolled and exploded.  It was just horrendous.  The kids and I were at home getting ready to go to the school for "Meet the Teacher".  I saw a very dark, ominous cloud hovering over Fort Mill and thought at first that it was a storm cloud but it was so out of place.  I looked again and said "Oh, something is on fire!"  As we drove to the school, I noticed the dark cloud was hovering over the area where my husband works! 

The white building right in front of the black cloud is my husband's work.
I called him immediately and found out that the accident happened right outside of his work building and they had to evacuate the building and move their cars!  I was so relieved he was ok.  But then my thoughts turned toward the accident victims and their families.  I couldn't help but think about how lives were being changed forever at that moment.  People were suffering, people may have died (we found out later that the truck driver did, in fact, die in this accident) and in an instant, things would never be the same for these families.  My heart broke.

After we met the teacher, we had some errands to run and I found myself tied up in traffic after taking a wrong turn, as the interstate was completely shut down.  It took me over an hour to go from one side of Fort Mill to the other.  As we sat in traffic, the girls and I prayed for these people and realized that sitting in traffic, together, was a blessing compared to what the families of these victims were going through.

I admit, I was tempted to get a little irritable as we had an appointment to be somewhere, but my eleven year old daughter said "Mom, you know God has a reason for having us sit in this traffic.  I just know it."  I was so touched by her lack of irritation, her complete trust and her child-like faith that God had a plan. It immediately pulled me back into reality and helped me not to think about my own inconveniences while I knew others were suffering at that moment.  Perspective is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes I wonder if what I teach my children about God is sinking in.  Are they listening?  Do they get it?  And times like yesterday show me that, indeed, they are listening.  And they do get it.  And they can be used by God to remind me of the truths of His Word when I get tempted to forget and fret. 

I found out today that the two women in the car the tanker truck hit were rescued just before the tanker exploded by some strangers who immediately sprang into action once the accident happened.  They pulled the ladies out of the car and the ladies were both treated and released from the hospital.  Amazing.  Strangers on a road, risking it all to save the lives of these two women!  Sounds like someone else was listening to what Mom and Dad told them, too.

People are listening.  People do get it.  In a world where it seems nobody's listening to what is right at times, we are given sweet reminders of God's grace and mercy, even in some of the most disastrous situations. Hope springs eternal!


Teresa Sutton said...

Leslie - that was so powerful! I'm sure SO many were frustrated with the massive delays they experienced yesterday so it really is all about the perspective!

Catherine said...

Leslie I always love reading your blog, but this was one of my favorites. Thank you for the reminder- and sister to sister, I am listening! steelgrapes.com

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