Monday, August 9, 2010

Multi-Tasking Mom

I was moving the clothes to the dryer and cleaning out the lint
When half way through my cell phone rang so I ran to answer it

My friend who was calling had some problems to sort out
I listened in intently as she shared what they were about

And as she talked, I looked around and saw so much to do
So I began to wash the dishes and wipe the counters, too

While I was multi-tasking, I thought “Why not clean some more?”
So I took my broom & dustpan and swept the kitchen floor

My conversation ended but now my neck was stiff and sore
The phone was cradled on my neck while I talked and did my chores

I walked toward the medicine cabinet to get some pain relief
But on the way, I remembered that I needed to thaw some beef

So I opened up the freezer and found some beef to thaw
About that time, my dog came up and nudged me with his paw

I took him to the back door to let him out to play
I saw some dirty socks and picked them up along the way

The window on the back door was smudged with who knows what
So I took some window cleaner and clean the door right up

But as I did, I saw a note I’d written the day before
“Remember to go get toothpaste when you're at the grocery store”

I knew that later I wouldn’t have time, so I’d have to go right now
I began to search for my car keys – although time would not allow

I looked up high, I looked down low, I looked around and round
But lo and behold, my car keys were nowhere to be found

But while I looked and wondered where my keys could be that day,
I saw my pillows on my couch were left in disarray

Straightening them and fluffing them, my mind continued to race
What was I forgetting to do as I put the pillows back in place? 

Oh yeah! I forgot the laundry still needed to be dried
So I ran back to the laundry room after letting my dog inside

Once the clothes were in the dryer, I heard the phone again
I decided to let it ring this time, or this cycle would never end

Sometimes I'm like that Bunny that keeps going & going & going...
But my heart is longing to slow down, my spirit has a longing

So I stopped and grabbed my Bible as I prayed and asked the Lord
To help me focus better now as I spent time in His Word

Within a few moments, as I prayed and read a Psalm
A sound came from the laundry room – it sounded like a bomb!

It was loud and it was clangy and I ran to go and see
It was my dryer making all that noise – that’ s where I left my keys!

My neck no longer ached and my keys were finally found
Thank God He gave me sense to stop and helped me to rebound.

When life gets crazy busy and you're running all around,
Be still before your Father so your sanity can be found.

-Leslie Nease

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podso said...

You're a poet! And so true, all of it rings home, with the final verse the very key to it all. Thanks.

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