Friday, August 20, 2010

A Second Chance

After my cycle class last night, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.  I was just going to run in and run out but ended up staying a little longer than I planned.  As I walked out the door, I looked to my left and there was a shopping cart, lined with newspaper, with a terrified, shaking, filthy little dog with a sign on the outside of the cart written in marker: "LOST DOG!  PLEASE TAKE!"

He looked like he was very old and I don't think he could hear, as he didn't budge when you snapped or talked to him.  He didn't have a collar, no identification.  He just laid there, shaking and scared - discarded and alone.  Oh my goodness, how could I walk away?  My head was spinning.  I knew we couldn't handle another pet - we could barely handle the one we have!  We financially tight right now, so I knew I couldn't afford to get the help he needed.  I knew I couldn't take him, but I also knew I couldn't leave him.

Someone found him wandering around the parking lot and felt sorry for him.  He was a tiny little thing
(that's him in the photo) and parking lots are not the best place for a tiny little deaf dog to wander around in, so they put him safely in the shopping cart with the sign on it.  As people would come out of the store, I would just look at them and say "What should we do?" People would crowd around, offer up some "Oh, how sad!" but they couldn't do anything about him either, so they would walk away (though I could tell it was hard for them!).  My heart was hurting so desperately as I watched him lie there, alone.  He was really scared.

Finally, a man walked out of the store and I could tell he was really upset about the dog.  He stuck around for a bit and then I saw him walk to his car and within a few minutes, he pulled up and said "I will take him!" He called his wife for permission (smart man!) and was coming back to help.  He was going to feed him, clean him up and take him to Pet Smart to get him scanned to see if he may have an implanted ID in him.  I was SO relieved as I handed him to the gentleman.  My shirt was filthy and my hands needed a good washing afterward, but I must say, it was the best I'd ever felt being dirty.

I cannot stop thinking about this poor little dog.  How many times in my life have I felt discarded, forgotten, lost, filthy and alone?  I was so grateful this man came and saved him! I know it gave me a beautiful picture in my heart of how much Jesus gave up for me.  He saw me, alone...discarded...forgotten...scared... and He got his hands dirty as He reached down to lift me up out of the mire, out of the pit of my own filth.  But He didn't care.  He knew it would cost Him, but He did it anyway because of His love for me.  He cleaned me up, fed me and gave me a new life.  I'm so grateful for His sacrifice for me!  And I'm so grateful this man took this little doggie home and gave him a second chance, too.  Gosh, if he hadn't, I'd probably still be standing outside of the grocery store with him!  Thank God for the love and compassion He showed not only this little dog through the kindness of a stranger, but also to me - through the sacrifice of His Son.

Note:  If you know who this little doggie is and who he belongs to, please contact the Tega Cay Police Department.  He was found at Lowe's Foods in Tega Cay last night around 6:15pm.  I know the gentleman who took him home has no intention of keeping him from his owner - he was only trying to give him a safe place to go until he was found.


Carol Davis said...

I love your heart, friend!! I love that you care!!!! Love that you come alongside your lost and lonely friends and wait with them and consistently point them back to the One who can give them life.

Leslie Nease said...

Oh, sweet Carol - you are gonna make me cry again! LOL ((hugs)) I love you.

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