Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rejoicing in His Faithfulness!

Some of you may know that my dear friend, mentor and Ministry Coordinator, Linda Reppert, has been having some serious heart issues.  She was told many months ago that she would need open heart surgery to replace or repair a faulty valve in her heart.  She has been amazingly grace-filled through the past few months and has been a true blessing to walk beside in this journey.  I've seen God work in her like I've never seen before!

She is currently in Ohio at the Cleveland Clinic and has been since Sunday.  Her heart surgery was scheduled for tomorrow, so they have been doing testing all week.  There have been prayer groups all over the world praying for her throughout this entire journey - and this week, the prayers have been going up full-force!  Today, she had her last meeting with the surgeon before the surgery.  Here's the email I received from her after that meeting:

Dear Friends and Family:

God has given beyond what we could ask or imagine. Bottom line is that my open heart surgery has been called off. I am doing far to well to go through the risk of valve replacement/repair surgery.

I just finished meeting with the best surgeon in the country. He had 3 cardiologist review my records yesterday and it is their belief that I will not come out any better with the surgery. They said there are some nonsurgical methods that are not yet FDA approved that will be coming out in the next 5 years.  I maybe a candidate for these methods. My treatment with medicine will be good until then and possibly even good enough for the next 20-30 years! I will be monitored every 6 months and reevaluated only if my situation gets worse, but I have been stable over the last year. The surgeon said to start hitting tennis balls again.

My heart catherization showed that I had ZERO blocked arteries and they said all my tennis playing and healthy eating was reflected in my test and blood work.

I am ever so grateful for the love, prayers, support, meals, cards, text, e-mails and care takers that have given of themselves to help me.

Up until my very last appointment with the surgeon today, they did all the preparation work for surgery.  I feel like Isaac when the knife was raised and all the preparation was made and then God called out NO - do not use the knife on your child. Coming to His alter I join you in giving PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING!

God has heard the prayers of sooooooooooooo many and with that I can not say how grateful I am!

"But unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings, and you shall go forth and leap for joy." - Malachi 4:2

Love to all,

Linda Reppert
Ministry Coordinator
Get Gutsy for God

Linda, I praise the LORD on your behalf and look forward to how God will use this testimony to touch lives for HIS GLORY!!  Thank you all for your prayers and love!  Rejoicing in His Faithfulness! 

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Michelle said...

Incredible!! So excited to hear this ... God is so good!!!

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