Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus

From the mouth of babes...

"Happy Birthday Jesus!  Mommy says that you are near
And that you have a Birthday this time every year.

She told me how you listen to everything we say
And that you’re always with us in the night and in the day.

She told me how they hurt you for the things that we did wrong
And Jesus I just don’t understand how you could be so strong

They hit you with a whip and you wore on your head a thorn crown
They made you carry the cross all the way through town.

The next thing that she told me really made me cry
She said they hung you on a cross and wanted you to die.

I’m sorry for that Jesus, it makes my heart so sad
To think someone would hurt you and treat you oh, so bad

But mommy says you rose again and that you love me so
And if I just believe in you, to heaven I will go

I’ll spend forever with you and we’ll be the best of friends
We’ll be together Jesus and our love will never end!

So, Jesus, my birthday gift to you is my heart and all my love
Thank you for your gift to me, your love from up above."


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