Monday, January 17, 2011

Please Pray for Joanne

I've never met her, but I feel a tremendous amount of love and concern for her right now and I've been praying for her as if I've known her all my life.  Her name is Joanne Heim and she is a wife, mother, speaker/writer and sister in Christ who suffered a stroke on January 11.  Her husband, Toben, has been updating her blog throughout the week and I am so grateful God is giving him the strength to do so because it is so good to have updates so we can know what is going on and how to pray.

According to her blog, there is substantial swelling in her brain from the trauma of the stroke.  Toben is asking for prayers that the swelling would go down and that in God's timing, she would wake up. He has specifically asked for us all to read Psalm 46 and pray this for their family.  His heart and deep love for his wife is absolutely precious.  On January 12, he wrote "My heart is more full of love for her than ever. With all the tubes and hoses she is still so beautiful to me. Every minute now is a gift."  What a reminder to never take any moment for granted with those we love. 

The reason I'm blogging about this is because I'd like to ask for you to join me in praying for this sweet family.  Though I do not know them, they are family to me, as they are my family in Christ.  If you are a believer, they are your family, too - and they need God's healing touch, the peace that passes understanding and God's perfect wisdom and direction as they go through this valley.  Thank you, in advance, for your prayers.  God hears every single one of them!

Thank you for hearing our prayers!  What an awesome privilege it is to be able to come boldly before Your throne with our requests and burdens!  You are so amazing.  Today we come before You on behalf of our sister, Joanne.  Lord, you know the healing that needs to take place in her body and we pray that You would grant healing, in Jesus' Name.  We pray You would give the doctors and nurses wisdom and discernment as they treat her.  

Father, we pray the swelling would go down in her brain and that there would be not a trace of trauma left.  We pray for this miracle, trusting that if it is Your will, Father, it will be done!  We lift up her family, her husband and her two daughters, and ask that they would feel Your awesome presence in a mighty way today, Father.  We pray they would experience the peace that passes understanding and that they would find rest.  

As her daughters begin school this week in a new school, we pray You will provide grace and acceptance and that you will allow them to adjust to this new change from their homeschool schedule easily and quickly.  God, You are good - and even though we do not know why some things happen - we trust Your sovereignty.  We pray, more than anything, Lord, that You would be glorified in this.  Just in reading what my sister, Joanne, has to say about You - I know she wants that more than anything else in the world.  For that, I praise You!

We pray the words of Psalm 46 for our sweet sister and her family today. YOU alone are our refuge and strength.  Be their refuge, Father - be their strength. 

In Jesus' Name,


Anonymous said...

I have been praying.. a friend of a friend was doing an online reading of Radical. She is a writer and speaker as well. She is a friend of Joanne...this family needs our prayers....

Leslie Nease said...

Thank you - I agree, they need our prayers. I love how God stirs up the hearts of His people! What a beautiful miracle we are witnessing already as believers from all over the world come together to approach Him on their behalf. God is so good.

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