Friday, January 7, 2011

A Prayer for My Children

As I pray for my children today, I was led to ask you to join me in praying for yours, as well.  Will you join me?

Dear God,

You have given me such a precious gift in my children.  I love them so much and I am always going to count them as one of the most amazing blessings you've ever given to me.  That is why my prayer today, and every day, is for wisdom for me and my husband to raise them well.

Father, in this day and age, being a parent is offering up many new and confusing challenges.  I've often said that I think the kids today have more obstacles to overcome than ever before.  I sometimes hear from others that nothing has changed, all the generations have had to face challenges and temptations.  But I know that no other generation has had the challenges this generation have in their lives.

With all the new technological advances that serve to advance and share Your Truth in the world, come unwanted challenges that have never been faced before by any generation.  Email, Cell phones, Computers, Social Networking, Blogs, YouTube, Chat rooms...and more than I can probably think of - have found their way into the lives of our children.  While these wonderful inventions have tremendous potential to give our children platforms and voices to share Your Truth, they also opens doors that I know give the enemy a tremendous opportunity to tempt them, discourage them and lead them astray. These new forms of communication threaten to steal every moment from my children if I am not fully engaged and aware of their activities.  Forgive me for not always being a good example by having boundaries in my own time on the computer, on the phone or other activities that pull me away from You.

They seem to have no time alone anymore, as their friends are available in an instant.  Gossip and slander can be spread at the push of a send button, with no thought or concern about what the words will do to the person being spoken about.  Please, Lord - keep my children from being pulled into this "drama" and by all means, please don't allow them to be any part of speaking unkindly about others.  Please remind them that their identity comes from who they are in You and that anything said about them from another is of no concern to them.  Give me wisdom and discernment as their mother, I pray.

Some children are being exposed to things on the internet that no child should ever be exposed to.  Pornography is available with the touch of a search button and pictures and videos are being sent through cell phones and on computers that are deeply troubling.  Protect them, Father.  I pray you would never allow my guard to drop in these situations and I pray you would help me and my husband to be open and honest with my children in teaching them Your plan for sexuality.  The world will try to teach them their perverted ideas of what sex is, how they should dress and what is acceptable behavior.  I pray you will give them a double portion of discernment in these matters and that you would surround them with others who love you and desire to honor and please you with their choices.

I ask that you give them a firm and unyielding conscience about these things.  I pray you will send conviction on their heart if they are tempted to stray.  I ask that you would give them a deep rooted passion for Your Word, so they can make the right choices, with wisdom.  Please help me to stay alert in these matters and I ask that you help me to keep them accountable by studying and teaching the Word to them.  I pray that I would be an example to them by always choosing to spend time with You before spending time using these technologies to communicate with others.  I pray You would be their deepest passion - that they would seek You first, before anything or anyone else.  I pray this for me and my husband, as well!

You are faithful and good, Father.  I pray you will watch over and protect my children - and the children of those who are joining me in this prayer, Father.  I love you and am so grateful I can come to you, in faith, knowing you hear me and you desire to answer my prayer.

In Jesus' Name,


Anonymous said...

I prayed this too and I'm "messaging it" :D to my kids so they are reminded of my heart, their heart, but mostly God's heart!

Leslie Nease said...

What a great idea!! Amen, my friend.

Lei said...

Amen! Am praying this prayer for me and hubby, too. This is so true and this needs to be a daily prayer as well. Blessings to you, Leslie!

Nancy said...

It is my prayer that this post will travel all over the Facebook World! This needs to be the prayer for us ALL every day! God bless you, your family and your ministry, Leslie!

Serving our Lord together!

Leslie Nease said...

Nancy, thanks so much! As parents we are responsible for these precious children and prayer is the most important thing we can do for them! Blessings to you, my friend!

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