Monday, February 7, 2011

Football & The Christian Life

Football reminds me of life. I mean, we all face victories and defeats, allies and enemies, learning from mistakes and team work. Isn’t it the same with life? Think about a follower of Jesus Christ, we can see so many incredible analogies in the game of football. Here, let me list a few:

•    We have a playbook – the Bible. The more we know the playbook, the better we will know how to live. The less we know it, the more confused and lost we become in life.

•    We have a Coach – God. He wrote the playbook, He gives us guidance and He helps us believe in our mission. He keeps us motivated and disciplines us when necessary, for our own good.

•    We have a Quarterback – Our Pastor. He calls us together and gives us words from the Coach in our “holy huddle” at church. This is a time of game strategy and encouragement. It’s a time where we can talk about where we are having struggles in “the game” and we can build each other up. Then, we call “break!”, bust up our huddle and go back in the game!

•    We have Team Mates – our friends and family. They are the ones we are in this game of life with. They support us, exhort us, help us to move forward, celebrate with us in our victories and learn to deal with defeat with us. They are invaluable and we could never do it without them. We were created to be in community.

•    We have boundaries – our convictions. Life is lived within those boundaries that are made up of convictions that the Lord puts in our hearts. Some people’s boundaries are different than others in some areas, but some of them are concrete and set. When we go out of our boundaries, there are penalties and the game is put on hold. Once our boundaries are re-established, we are able to get back into the game.

•    We have an opponent – our enemy, Satan. He is out to get us, plain and simple. He wants to thwart our plans, sack our quarterback, run us out of bounds and keep us from believing in our team. He wants to tackle us, he wants us to doubt our Coach’s ability and he’s even trying to recruit us for his team! Knowing our playbook, knowing our Coach intimately and keeping our team mates close will help keep us from falling for his lies.

•    We have time outs – our quiet times with God. Time outs are times where we spend one on one time with our Coach, our Lord. He shows us truths, He gives us direction and He helps us to see where we are going wrong or right. These time outs are highlights of our game!

•    We have a winner and a loser – and we know who wins! The Bible is clear that the battle is already won – through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. Our team wins!  There may be injuries and bench times along the way, but our Coach knows what's best for us and we can trust Him, no matter what. We already know the outcome but we play with all of our hearts knowing that it is a matter of life and death, not just a trophy or a ring.

1 Corinthians 15:57 "But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

I wrote this a few years back but wanted to re-post in honor of the Superbowl last night!  I hope you enjoyed the game with your friends & family! 

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