Saturday, February 12, 2011

So Much More

I recently took a trip around the world to share with some amazing people in Korea.  The flight was a very long one, but it was rather entertaining.  The seats have little personal tv's built into them and you can watch movies, documentaries, tv shows and even watch on a radar screen where the plane is in the world! I watched four or five movies and some tv shows, caught up on some reading and really enjoyed the flight.  I did the same thing on the way home! I was amazed.  When I flew to China just a little over 3 years ago, this was not the case and the flight was soooooooo long!

When I was in Korea, the worship leader for the Spiritual Emphasis week also flew in from the US (Georgia, to be exact) and we talked about the long flights.  He flew in on a different flight, but both of our flights were with the same company.  I was excited as I relayed to him how awesome the little tv's were that were provided for each seat.  He remarked how great he thought it was it was, too - and how he enjoyed watching the plane on the radar screen the whole time.

Then it hit me. 

He had no idea these televisions also provided tons of other options!  I wondered if he spent a 14-hour flight watching the plane inch its way around the world, not knowing that he could have been watching movies, listening to music, playing games or catching up on television shows.  I wondered if anyone had shown him how to do this and told him about all the other things the screen could do?  Oh my goodness.  So I asked him about it.  Sure enough, he had no clue.  But he was sure looking forward to the flight home now that he knew!

After we all got a good laugh, I began to think about how I have done this exact thing with my relationship with God at times.  I know God, but sometimes I don't tap into all that He has to offer.  Sometimes I don't read the Word like I should or I don't pray like I should.  Sometimes I don't worship like I should or  I'm not obedient, though I know I should be.  And then I wonder why my spiritual life seems dried up.  Hmmm....maybe it's during those times that I just don't realize there is so much more to a relationship with God than what I'm experiencing.

This example helped me remember that in order for me to experience all that God's promised "abundant life" has to offer as a true believer in Jesus Christ, I need to do a little more exploring.  There is so much to be experienced, so much to learn, so far to grow!  And this side of heaven, it will never be as boring as watching a little airplane inch its way around the world as long as we are living by His Spirit, reading His Word, praying, and learning more about Him each day.  It's powerful, it's exciting and it's all available to us all as believers!  The other side of heaven, well, it's just not even something we can comprehend with our finite minds. (smile)

I hear his flight home was so much more entertaining, by the way. :)


Michelle Georgiana said...

I love how God gives us examples from practical things in our lives. Very well written, Leslie. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Leslie Nease said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words, Michelle. :) xxoo

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