Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Morning, Lord!

"My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk with me." And my heart responds "Lord, I am coming."  -Psalms 27:8 (NLT)

As I read this verse this morning, my heart just skipped a beat.  It's true - every morning these are the words I hear from God in my heart - "Leslie, I'm here - come talk with me"- and those words get me out of bed more often than not these days.  I find my days go much smoother and I am a lot more at peace when I begin my days looking at God's face before anyone else's.  That was a quote by Charles Spurgeon that I read in The Little Red Book of Wisdom - "We should first seek to see the face of God each day before seeing the face of any man"

So, how in the world do I explain those days when I roll over and push the snooze button every nine minutes until I realize I've missed out on my time with God?  What's that about?  I have so much to look forward to - reading His word, praying, giving Him my burdens, and yet I choose to sleep through it sometimes.  Oh, I pay for it dearly (as does my poor family, I might add!).  But inevitably, there comes a day more often than I care to admit, that I do the exact opposite of what my heart really wants to do.

I'm so glad God is gracious and loving and forgiving.  And that He doesn't base His love for me on my works, but on His character, mercy and grace.  I would be in big trouble were it not for His unconditional love.

I had a wise woman say to me once "Leslie, if you are having a hard time waking up for your quiet times with the Lord, think of Him sitting on your couch, looking at His watch, eagerly waiting for you to come out and spend some time with Him.  Maybe He's petting your dog.  Maybe He's eagerly tapping His foot in anticipation!  Whatever He's doing, He's doing it because He just can't stand to be away from you for one more minute."

I love that.  It doesn't make me feel guilty or obligated at all - it makes me feel loved and that the God of the Universe is expecting a visit from me and He has much to share with me and it can't wait!  And it's true - He waits for me.  And He waits for you! 

I've never in my life heard anyone say "Gee, I wish I hadn't gotten up so early each day to spend time with God - what a waste of time."  Nope.  And I never will.  I promise you, if you are having a hard time getting up early to spend time with your Father in Heaven, He will give you the grace you need to get up (even if you're not a morning person - I promise!) and not only will you get a fresh, new word from Him each day, but you will find that you are more aware of Him in every day life.  He will fill your life with His presence.

"Getting up early and spending time with God is like getting dressed for the day.  Who would go out into battle without getting dressed in their armor first?  Spending time with God first each day ensures we are ready for whatever life brings."


Kendra said...

Amen :o)

teri-free2bme said...

God's timing on this post is perfect (just as He always is!)... I needed to hear this, for sure. I've been "snooze queen" these past several months and am now going to put into action getting up for my "quiet time" the visual of Him sitting on my couch, looking at His watch, eagerly waiting for me to come out and spend some time with Him... is a total motivator! Thanks!

Leslie Nease said...

Teri that is awesome! I love His timing. So excited He used this blog to speak to your heart today. :)

Gina said...

I can't tell you how badly I needed to read this! I have been struggling with this because I have to get up early for work and am NOT a morning person. I even blogged about it and talked to people about how frustrated I was in myself. Every response I recieved was that I was being too hard on myself and maybe I should just spend time with Him at some other point during the day..which I do anyway. Thank you for your input! I love the thought of Him waiting to spend time with me..I mean DUH!! It's not just us getting up to say a quick prayer and read a verse or two, it's a divine appointment. Thanks again...I'll let you know if I flake out tomorrow! haha

Leslie Nease said...

Hey Gina! ((hugs)) to you my friend! So glad you found encouragement in this. Don't be too hard on yourself though - I know that even a quick prayer and just taking one verse in from His word will do wonders. :) XXOO

Taylor said...

I just discovered your blog and I am already in love! Your posts are so encouraging and relevant in my life already!

Thank you for making my day with every post you write!

Leslie Nease said...

Thank you so much Taylor! Glad you found the blog - come by anytime. :) Blessings! Leslie

dcbfree said...

funny thing how God reaches us. I wrote a poem called Good Morning Lord, and googled images for it. I found your page and it gave me goose bumps like i got when i wrote the poem, meditating on God and His goodness. It's not a mistake. Thank you for sharing.
If you'd like to see the poem, it is at
If we seek Him with all our heart and all our soul, He will reveal Himself. How cool is that? thanks,
Don Cole

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