Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Erik and Jaime Huffman

This is their original Zhan Hu Tribe - Jaime & Erik met when they were cast for Survivor China in 2007.
For the latest Real Life with Leslie Nease Podcast, I'd like to introduce you to my fellow Survivor China castaways and now dear friends, Jaime & Erik Huffman.  We sat down at their one-year old son's birthday party a few weeks ago and chatted about all of the amazing ways their lives have changed since competing on the show in 2007.  

Erik and Jaime were not on my tribe on Survivor, but I had the opportunity to spend some time with them on the show when their tribe "kidnapped" me as part of a challenge.  Jaime and I got to know each other very well when our tribe kidnapped her as part of a reward challenge, too!  You will love getting to know them and hearing their story.  God definitely had a plan for their lives - beyond what they could have ever imagined - when He sent them to China and introduced them to each other in such a unique way!  They may not have won the million dollar prize, but they won so much more.  They met each other on the show and now have a wonderful life together in the Greenville, SC area.

Below is the podcast link - enjoy the show and enjoy meeting some very special people in my life - Jaime and Erik Huffman.
Dancing at their wedding in 2009
Their Rehearsal Dinner Cake! (ha!)

Me meeting Harper Huffman for the first time - I was moved to tears. :)

Harper's 1st Birthday Party!

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