Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sigur Ros - Fljotavik (Icelandic Music)

Sometimes you don't need to understand the language to understand the heart behind the music.  I think this group has one of the most unique and beautiful sounds I've ever heard.  The group is called Sigur Ros and they are from beautiful Iceland.  This video has a message we can all relate to...we all love, we have all lost and we all must go on in spite of our pain.  Life is not always "fair" but there is always Hope.  Always.

Though I cannot understand Icelandic, I wanted to give you the English translation of this song in case you were wondering:

We see over spars
a sea, we're cutting from
We're sailing on the mast of faith
We're sailing, stretching ourselves
to the steersman on the bridge.
We're sailing on the land
on a big stone, on the sand
We're wading into land
unknown place
Yes, ...
I felt myself happy there.
We are really thankful
in the pail of disaster's house.
And we slept...fell asleep
the scary storm was outside...far away.

For those of you who may be wondering...Sigur Ros is not a "Christian" band, but I do believe God has gifted these guys with a powerful talent and even though I cannot understand the words, I can definitely appreciate the music and the art behind it.  Enjoy! 

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