Thursday, May 17, 2012


When I was voted off Survivor, I had been in the jungle eating hardly anything for nine days.  When I did eat, it was plain rice with snails in it (we called it "snail risotto"…haha).  But the food was so bland and disgusting that when I was voted off and had food with flavor, it actually hurt so much to eat – it was like my salivary glands exploded!  It made them over-react and it was so painful in my jaws for about a week because I went from no flavor at all to way too much way too fast!  It was something that should have been gradual – a pinch here, a pinch there, leading up to the high-flavor food items I could enjoy again.

In my quiet time this morning, I was reading Mark chapter 9.  In this chapter, Jesus told those who follow Him, “You must have the qualities of salt among yourselves and live in peace with each other.” (Mark 9:49) Salt is found in wells, in mines and in the seas.  Have you ever felt you were found by God in a vast sea, or in the dark, cold mine or maybe even the bottom of a well?  Maybe you felt abandoned or alone when he rescued you?  Well, no matter where He found you, He can use you! You are a priceless treasure to Him.  

So, what are the qualities of salt? Well, it's a flavor enhancer and a preservative.  It is used for melting ice.  It can be used as a disinfectant or healer because it doesn't allow germs to grow.  Salt is refining and enduring.  Even an 800 degree fire cannot destroy salt's unique chemical composition!

Do we have the qualities of salt in the world? 

Do we live in peace with each other?

Are we preserving life or destroying it? 

Do we enhance conversations or do we pour it on a bit too much?  Or maybe we aren’t enhancing it at all and the ones we talk to are left with no taste of Jesus at all?

Is God using us to melt an ice-cold heart by our compassion and love for others?

Are we bringing healing to others' lives or do we open their wounds by our actions?

Does God use us to refine others by living lives of grace, peace, love, forgiveness and gentleness or are we judging and defining them by their actions? 

Do we endure and trust God in the midst of the trials in our life?  Only by His strength is this possible.  Only in Him can we live as salt in this earth.

Live well, my friends.  In our own strength, we will never be able to display the qualities Jesus asks us to display. But with God, all things are possible!

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