Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daddy's Girl

I was at the beach right after Christmas of 2010 when I witnessed this.  She was maybe six years old, running down the white, sandy beach with a kite in her hand.  It was cold and windy on this beautiful winter day in the Carolinas.  As she ran, the kite began to climb but she was so excited that she let the string out too fast and she seemed frustrated as the kite started to sink.  Her tired legs would run no more and she seemed more interested in watching the kite than in getting it to soar.  She let out a loud cry as the kite took a nose dive straight into the sand.

Tears filled her eyes.  As she looked up through the tears, she saw her daddy running toward her.  "Let me help you, sweetheart."  He rolled the string up slowly and as she watched his every move, he checked the kite for damage and untangled the tail.  Once the kite was ready, he leaned down to her to give her instructions and showed her a short demonstration of how to fly the kite higher.  He jogged and slowly let the string go as the kite soared.  Before it could get too high, he pulled it back in and rolled it up, handing her the kite as her wide eyes beamed with hope!

This time, her daddy stood beside her as she began to let the string go.  The kite began to climb steadily as she and her daddy ran together down the beach.  The kite was soaring higher and higher and I could hear her daddy cheering her on, "You've got it!  Great job!"  Her excitement was fading as she realized the higher the kite got, the harder it was for her to hold on to it while the strong wind pulled on it with all of its might.  She looked at her daddy again and said "Help me daddy!"  She could no longer carry this load on her own and he was right there with her, ready to help her at a moment's notice.  He took the kite from her, pulled it in, rolled it up and put it away.

It wasn't time yet.  But her wise daddy allowed her to get a taste of what was to come.  When she was strong enough, she would be able to do more, but for now her strength was still small. But it could wait - because she had so much to learn.  I smiled wide as I saw her take a hold of her daddy's strong hand and skip along the shore now, right beside her hero - content to just be "daddy's girl".

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John Pardue said...

What an awesome picture of the Father's hands helping us when we've made a mess of things because of not knowing or not paying attention. He comes in and untangles the mess we've made and then shows us how to do it correctly, staying close by to assist.

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