Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Refreshing Honesty

I share an office with a guy named Brian Sumner.  Brian is new to His Radio, too.  He works in the afternoons, so we rarely get to see each other since I work in the mornings.  But the other day, we just happened to be in the office at the same time so we had a pleasant conversation.  We chatted for about ten to fifteen minutes when he finally said, "Leslie, you have a big black 'something' on your cheek."  I laughed as I realized he had been looking at a clump of mascara that whole time we were having a conversation!  I dusted it off and thanked him over and over again.

He must have been so uncomfortable!  We are new friends, so he wasn't sure how I would respond.  He probably squirmed as he tried to decide how to look at me without staring at my big black clump.  He had no idea how I would respond to him - would I be embarrassed?  Would I be angry with him for pointing out a flaw?  He had to have known this was not something I wanted to hear.  He had no idea what would happen if he told me the truth.

What impresses me the most, is that in spite of that fact that he didn't know me very well yet, he took a minute to be honest with me so I wouldn't walk around the rest of the day with a big black clump of mascara on my face.  How sweet is that?  Needless to say, there was not one moment of offense on my part - just gratefulness that he spoke the truth.  How rare and precious when we find a friend who is honest - even when it is something we don't necessarily want to hear.  I know a clump of mascara seems silly and not like a big deal, but be honest - have you ever had this happen to you?  It can be uncomfortable, no matter what.

This silly situation got me thinking about how many times I am uncomfortable with telling others the truth, out of fear of embarrassment, their reaction or hurting the relationship.  I respected Brian for being honest, and I truly believe others respect us when we are honest, too.

Do you struggle with telling people the truth?  If you see spinach in someone's tooth do you tell them? What about a dress stuck in the pantyhose of a stranger?  Or someone you barely know walking down the hall with toilet paper stuck to their shoe?

What about telling those you love the truth about their sinful condition and how Jesus died in their place so they wouldn't have to spend eternity apart from God?

Fear keeps me from telling the truth at times, but the Bible tells me that God's people are to tell the truth to each other (Zechariah 8:16).  What am I so afraid of?  Praying today that God will help me tell the truth, in love and with gentleness and respect, even when people don't want to hear it. 

Yeah, I got all of this from a big old black clump of mascara on my cheek. (smile)

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