Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Going With His Flow

We are spending a few days at the beach this Christmas and really enjoying some down time together as a family. Today my husband and I decided to go for a bike ride once the rain and clouds let up a bit. As we rode for many miles away from the place we are staying, I was enjoying the breeze and the smell of the sea air - so refreshing!

The time came when we had to turn around and go back toward the house. I realized that the reason the bike ride seemed so effortless on our way there was because the wind had been pushing us. Today, the winds are 30-miles per hour at the beach. And now they were pushing against us!

My legs were burning and they felt like they weighed about 800 pounds each as I pedaled with tremendous effort against the roaring wind.  The same wind that made me feel so refreshed and invigorated just minutes before was now making me feel overwhelmed and exhausted. How did I miss this?

I've actually had this happen to me, spiritually speaking, as well.  I remember moving a few years back to take a job in a different town with a radio station. I loved the people there, loved the station and had many reasons why I should have taken the job.  But I recall not having a real peace about it in my heart. From the get-go, it was a very difficult four months.  Our apartment flooded, my kids would not adjust and one of them was in a tremendous depression, my husband traveled all the time, we all were in and out of the hospital with various illnesses and my job was not going well because I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Everything was a mess.  I was going against the wind and I knew it.

We ended up moving back into the house we left a few months before (of course, it never sold - another big problem).  I felt like a failure and wanted to just disappear. Fast forward to this past year, 2012. I was offered a job at His Radio to do the morning show with Rob Dempsey. We learned in our past experience that we really needed to have peace about it before taking the job and after much prayer, both my husband and I agreed it was the right thing to do. We truly believed God was leading us to His Radio.  So, a few months ago we made the big move.

We can honestly say we are certain we are going in the right direction. Things are completely different this time around. Everything is falling into place without much effort at all.  We have confidence we are right where we are supposed to be and that God lead us here. Now we feel invigorated and refreshed. I wish I could put into words the difference it makes when I go with His flow instead of my own. I suppose you could compare it to an eagle who submits to the wind and allows it to take him where it desires. Sure, we've had our share of challenges, but the peace has never left us.

There are people in my life who really thought I would move right back to where I was in a few months. I suppose I lost credibility because I made an emotional decision rather than a right one years ago. But I know God had a plan in all of it. I've really learned to listen to His leading!

As we approach 2013, I want to encourage you to really seek out what God has for you in this new year. Don't settle for a "good" idea that may not be "God's" idea.  I've made some decisions in my life that seemed like a good idea, made sense and felt right - only to find they were not the right decision. And I've made some decisions that did not make sense, but I felt peace in my heart that God was telling me to go for it - and they ended up being the exact decision I was supposed to make.  Go with His flow and you will always find refreshment for your soul.

Happy New Year - and may you feel refreshed and invigorated in 2013!

Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. -Isaiah 40:31

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