Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jesus Loves the Little Children

I awoke from my nap yesterday to the tragic news of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. My daughter, Kennedy, was the first to tell me. I ran to the internet and found article after article about it and with every moment, my heart sank more and more. Tears were falling down my face as I began to imagine the pain and horror this community was feeling. I felt so helpless. This will be one of those days that I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news.

I couldn’t help but think about a time in my life when my daughter, Stephanie, who is now 23 years old, was four years old. She had a terrible, painful and deadly illness that almost took her life. The doctors said she had a severe infection in her bloodstream that had invaded her little body through an open sore. She was in septic shock and she was dying. I remember the day the doctors told me they didn’t think she would survive. I just went numb.  After a long and agonizing 2-week stay in the pediatric intensive care unit of Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters and a couple of surgeries later, she was miraculously healed and released from the hospital! We do believe it was a miracle.

The reason this came to my mind after hearing about the shooting in the elementary school is because when I asked Stephanie what she remembered about that time in her life, her memories are nothing but good ones. She remembered the visitors. She remembered the nice, caring nurses. She remembered me being there the whole time. She recalls this time of her life with a sense of peace. After seeing what she went through and how much pain she was in, I must say I was really surprised to hear this.

Friday as I struggled to make sense of how someone could hurt an innocent child intentionally, my mom heart immediately began to grieve as I thought about how scared those precious children must have been. But then I remembered Stephanie’s ordeal and how she came away from it with nothing but good memories. I truly believe those children felt the presence of God in their final moments. I truly believe they felt peace. I believe God sent His angels before it even happened to be there to calm them, love them, and bring them into their eternal home.

Why do I believe this? Is it in the Bible in a verse somewhere? Not that I know of. But I know God’s character. I know He loves children deeply and He does not delight in seeing His loved ones die. I know He loves our children even more than we do. And I know what I saw in my own daughter’s life during her desperate hours. Her face was strangely peaceful. Her memories are nothing but good. And her life has never been the same since then.

I will never believe, for a single moment, that God was not present in that room with those precious babies. His precious babies. That brings my mom-heart such comfort. And I pray the same presence those children felt will be felt by their grieving parents as they begin to face a reality that no parent should ever have to face.

Evil is real and it is all around us. But it is temporary. Evil will eventually be destroyed. This is our hope as believers.

Psalm 10:17 “LORD, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.”


Anonymous said...

I know that He was with them, holding them and comforting them. Wish I could remember who to credit, and read a quote to answer the too frequent question, "what was God doing when this happened?" "He was crying and welcoming them home." We are praying for all those that are hurting, aching, today.

Leslie Nease said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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