Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What a mess!

There was sawdust everywhere, the kitchen and bathroom had been gutted, I could see the floorboards and the rafters, the ceiling was torn up in some areas and the floors were dusty and dingy.  That was the scene when I went to visit at the house we bought a few weeks ago.  Honestly, one might think it was hopeless.  But I know what's coming.

In order for our house to be the house we need for it to be, there has to be demolition.  The house is basically gutted in some areas and there is much work to be done - hard work. But in a few short weeks, we will have a brand new home!  If we had not done this, the electrician would never have found the problems he found (which could have been extremely dangerous), our ducts and insulation would not have been effective and the contractor would have never discovered that our ceiling was not straight and needed fixing in some areas.  These are things that were not visible to the eye, but are very important to the longevity and safety of our home.

Looking at it today, you would probably never be able to imagine what it could be. But I can see through it. To me, it's got incredible potential and in no time, it will be the perfect home for our family.  It reminds me of so many of the HGTV shows where the homebuyers look at a home that is outdated, crowded and has decor from 1972.  The homebuyers always remark how they don't see how this house could EVER be something they would love, yet at the end of the show, they are in tears and happy as can be with their new, beautifully updated home.

In some ways, my life is just like my house. When I came to God, I was an empty shell with not much to offer. Slowly and methodically, He is changing me.  He sees my potential.  He knows there is hope for me and I believe He is right.  But as the demolition continues, He is revealing issues that need fixing that are not obvious to the eye.  It's a painful process, but I know what's coming.

If God has you in the demolition phase of your life, hang in there.  If you are feel you have nothing to offer, think again.  There might be some things that need fixing and it may look worse before it gets better, but know this: God has a plan for you and He will not give up on you until He is finished making you into the person He knows you will be!

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.  -Philippians 1:6


sharelle said...

~ Thank you for your heart and transparency.
I am hanging in here...though I admit sometimes it feels like it's by the neck!

Leslie Nease said...

I know what you mean, Sharelle! :)

domnav said...

Thanks for sharing this observation. I'm walking through a painful circumstance that was put on me and I definitely feel like your house looks. I needed your visual reminder that God is at work and the project is just beginning! It gets more beautiful from here on!!

Leslie Nease said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how this made my heart smile as I read your comment! Praying God will continue to give you grace and that your demolition will soon reveal a new you! xo

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