Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is There a Right Way to Share Jesus?

If you look around in churches today, you will see all sorts of programs and artistic expressions that have been implemented to teach and share the truth of Jesus Christ.  Things like musicals, story telling, dramatic presentations, prison ministries, radio and television programs and so much more!  I have heard some people say that these programs are a waste - we should just preach the Word, like the Bible says!  Why waste money on programs?  Did God specifically tell us to create programs? We're being too much like the world, isn't it wrong to be like the world?

Yes, I do think we should preach the Word and I think the Gospel absolutely speaks for itself! I also think it's important that we are in the world but not of the world when it comes to our behavior.  I also believe preaching is very important. But I also believe our lives should be preaching the Gospel every day...not only in what we say, but also in what we do.  As I look through the Bible I see that God is truly the Initiator of these creative programs. 

Here are some examples I've come across in my reading...
  • Jeremiah - He preached through tears to the Israelites.  Some call him the "weeping prophet".  He was obedient to preach the message, even though it wasn't what the people wanted to hear.  Today, he'd be known as "sensitive" and probably be told he was too emotional.  But God sure did used this weeping preacher!
  • Ezekiel - He was the prophet who was always acting things out.  Not because he wanted to, mind you.  Because God told him to.  I think God knew that creative expression would be one way the Israelites might actually listen.  God is really into drama!  He uses it as a tool to share His truth with others, through those whom He has gifted.
  • David - David used his musical gift and wrote tons of songs that are still encouraging us today - you can find them in the Psalms.  This art form was a gift from God to us - and we are still being blessed by those who have this gift and use it to share truth with us today in our Music Ministries, concerts and radio stations.  Hey, some of them still use David's words!
  • Joshua - Now, Joshua was a true leader.  He was the Commanding Officer and people listened to him because he spoke with authority due to his faith and relationship with God.  I suppose he would be like someone who shares their faith through leading by example, whether in ministry, in the workplace or even on the battle fields at war. A true servant-leader.
  • Paul - Paul spent a huge portion of his ministry time in prison.  So, he was the first to implement a "prison ministry".  Just think of how many people were saved because he was in prison!  God used him right where he was to minister to prisoners and even guards.  And the people he shared Christ with were in a dire, hopeless state.  I can't think of a more effective witness for Christ than someone who will share, even while in chains, to people who are in a position of hopelessness and in desperate need of the hope that only Jesus can give.
  • Jesus Christ - Jesus usually spoke through story telling (better known as "parables").  He knew in order for folks to "get" the message, He would have to use His creativity and share in a way that would connect with the listeners - the ones who had ears to hear.  Story telling is still a very effective way to share the gospel.
There are so many more examples in the Bible, but those were the few that came to my mind this morning. Some churches have a lot of programs and some have few, if any. Neither is wrong!

So the question there a right way to share the truth of Jesus Christ?  The answer is simple.  

Yes.  There is a right way.  

It's the way God has gifted you to share Him with others.  

Our examples are woven throughout the Bible and they confirm that God can and will use drama, music, preaching, story telling, prison ministries, and even our workplace to share His truth. He gifted us for the very purpose of using our gifts to bring glory to Himself and what an incredible privilege and responsibility it is to use those God-given gifts to share His truth with others.

So what are you waiting for?  Get creative and share His truth - after all, God is the Creator...and He is the One who gave you those creative gifts to use for His Glory! 

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