Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Letter to a Friend

letter to a friend

When I was a contestant on Survivor, I was able to spend a lot of time with people from all walks of life. After all, apart from challenges and survival stuff, all we had was time! The days were long and the nights were longer, but they led to some very interesting and deep conversations. I became very close to these people.

One of the most common things I heard from my tribe mates when they spoke of Christians they had met in their life was that they felt very judged and very shunned by them. This broke my heart. After all, Jesus never shunned us. He came right to us, to save us from that sin that separated us from God. He showed us how to love people, regardless of how “sinful” we think they are and how to serve people instead of demanding to be served. After all, didn’t He love us enough to reach out to us? Aren’t we sinners, too?

When I returned from China, this weighed heavy on my heart so much that I wrote a poem about it (below). I’m sure I’ve given this impression at times. I’m sure I’ve acted self-righteous and prideful at times. But it really breaks my heart to think I may have hurt someone like that. It made me realize that we can be the very reason people excuse themselves from church, from Christianity and from Jesus, Himself. It’s not his fault we sometimes act like that. His heart must break, too.

I hope you enjoy the poem. Thanks for taking the time to prayerfully read through it.

Blessings! -Leslie

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Jim said...

I am a big fan Leslie,I listen in the mornings, hope that one day to be able to meet you and maybe even have you speak at our church ! May God richly bless you!

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