Monday, March 31, 2014

My Thoughts on "Noah"

I saw the movie Noah this weekend. In admitting that, I feel like I should hang my head in shame because so many people have come up against it. Honestly, when we went to see it, friends of ours walked up to us outside the theater and asked, "Hey guys! What are you seeing?" and I paused. What would they think? Would they think we are bad Christians? We answered, "Noah" and braced ourselves. Come to find out, that's what they were seeing, too. Maybe I was worked up over nothing? Whew!

I know there is so much controversy surrounding this movie. People are talking about it and I do not want to have an opinion based on other's opinions - I wanted to see it for myself so I could have an intelligent conversation with others about it based on experience, not hear-say. I wanted to see if there were any redemptive qualities in it.

Here are some of my thoughts after seeing it:

1. No, it's not Biblically accurate. That's not even what the director was going for, we all know that, so don't expect that. It's a story with a lot of similarities and a lot of redeeming qualities but also a lot of crazy stuff (really crazy stuff!) that's not in the Bible at all. It opens with "In the beginning there was nothing..." and we all know that the Bible says "In the beginning, GOD....". However, it then goes on to say "The Creator" created everything from nothing, not a "big bang". So obviously, in the beginning there WAS something - The Creator.

2. No, it doesn't use the name of God, but it does use "The Creator" and shows that clearly He created everything, including man.  In the movie, this "Creator" was not much like God at all, though - he was more angry, less compassionate and seemed distant. I know God is nothing like that.

3. The movie actually took my breath one moment when it showed people clinging to the top of a mountain and screaming while the rains kept coming. Noah and his family heard the screams from inside the ark and it was very hard on them emotionally.  It was heart breaking and made me think of it in a realistic way. I'm a visual person, so that was really made an impact on me.  The movie showed something (probably without meaning to) - that following God's instructions and plans for our lives isn't always roses and rainbows. It can be downright hard to make the right choices. And the world will not usually support us or agree with us. But God rewards our faithfulness. There is purpose behind the pain, always.

4. Basically, in the movie, the sin that "The Creator" seemed most angry about was that evil people ate meat. (Egads!) There was clearly an agenda in that one. I would guess the director is a Vegan? And the animals were saved because they were "innocent". It was like Noah was protecting them from the evil meat-eaters.

5. It was a L-O-N-G movie and though I thought it was interesting, my husband was bored and wanted it to end. haha We knew another couple there and they said the same thing. She liked it, he was not impressed!

6. I ran straight to my Bible when I got home and re-read the story of Noah in Genesis. My guess is lots of folks will do this. My prayer is that in doing so, they will meet the TRUE God and realize that He loves them and wants a relationship with them. That, to me, is redeeming! God can use this movie for good. He's awesome that way. :)

7. I found myself praying for the director throughout the movie. He is openly an Atheist from what I understand and my prayer is that God's Word did not return void in his heart as he researched for this movie. I pray He will find the Truth and that who God is and that he will understand how much God loves him! It can happen, you know. Even if you don't see the movie, please pray for him.

There is more I could write about theologically speaking, but I will just say that if you go see it, you just need to know it's not the Bible story you grew up hearing. I found it interesting and visually stunning, but found much of the plot to be embellished and definitely not Biblically accurate. If you are looking for a film about the theology of Noah's story, this is not the film for you.

No, it's not the Biblical story, but there are redeeming qualities and I truly do believe God can use it to speak to people. I know the real Ark is a direct representation of Christ - a beautiful picture of the salvation that was coming as He gave Himself for us on the Cross. Jesus is our shelter in the storm, our salvation from destruction, our hope in a hopeless world! And though I don't agree with how the movie represented the Truth of who God is, it will get people searching.

In closing, I cannot help but think of Philippians 1:18 "....Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice!"


Tina R said...

Thank you for sharing. My husband and myself have been debating whether to go see it or not. My vote is to wait for DVD to come out. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw it too...and it made me sad. Sad for what it could have been... Sorry to see a snake skin used as a cherished relic and in a way that was supposed to be a blessing. Sad that the evil of man against man and against God was mostly ignored. I guess most of all I was sad for a missed opportunity - it would not have taken a lot to share the real story...not that I expected Hollywood to be the church...because it is NOT! We are! So we now have the chance to point to the real story..the God who created all...and His true character and plan of salvation. Hope we can help more people "not miss the boat."

Leslie Nease said...

Tina - good call!

And Anonymous - totally agree. Such a missed opportunity! But at least it created a real opportunity for us to share the Truth.

Bless you both!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting. I have wanted to see the movie but I have also heard alot of negatives. I may wait for Netflix.

Anonymous said...

This article clearly explains why the movie director is so make Christendom look like fools for endorsing it.

Bruce Countryman

Leslie Nease said...

Yes, I saw that article, Bruce. I want to be clear that because I saw the movie doesn't mean I'm endorsing it and I don't feel like I've been played for a fool, either.
I'm glad I saw it so I could form my own opinion, but I respect and admire those who stick with their convictions not to see it. I felt freedom to see it. The purpose of my blog is to remind people not to fear because God wins - He can make good of anything and everything. He is the Redeemer! Thank you for posting it though - good to get different perspectives.

A reminder too - if anyone has a Holy Spirit led conviction not to see it, it's important to heed that conviction. And it's important we are careful not to judge those who are not convicted about seeing it. We do not know others' hearts. Only God does - and He will lead His children accordingly.

Tara said...

One thing I was reminded of today, as I discussed the movie with a friend is that many civilizations have a story of a flood that destroyed the world. It's really something interesting to think about. A world wide flood is recorded in many cultures. How cool is that. That said, I have not yet seen the movie and will probably wait until it's at Redbox or at least the $1.50 movie. But then that's what I usually do. I do think that it's an awesome opportunity for Christians to dialog with nonbelievers about the factual story in the bible. Thanks for sharing Leslie

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