Friday, September 7, 2018

A Change in Perspective Can Change Everything

For the past few weeks, I felt a feeling of dread fall over me. As our "Move to Utah" date inched closer and closer, each day I was in mourning, feeling overwhelmed with sadness and even a bit of fear at the thought of leaving South Carolina. We've been in SC for 22 years now. That's a long time to live in one state - especially since I was a Military Brat, moving across the country and even around the world at times. I was used to moving. But nothing has ever felt like "home" the way SC has. This is hard.

As I sat on the porch praying and crying (again) a few days ago, God impressed on my heart that I should not be mourning at all. I should be celebrating! This season of my life has been an incredible blessing that He's given to me. I've met life-long friends, lived in my dream home, and have seen my last two children graduate with honors from High School here. The quote from Dr. Seuss came to mind: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened!"

This change in perspective has changed everything.

I now begin every morning celebrating one thing that I'm thankful for each day I have left in this lovely state. The first day, I was thankful for HUB Fitness, a business we owned on Main Street in TR that connected me with many dear friends and taught me some important life lessons. The second day I was thankful for HIS Radio because that is why we moved here! I was on the morning show with Rob and Jim for a few years. I would have never had the privilege of living here if it weren't for them. Today is the 3rd day - day 14 of the "countdown" and I will be sharing something on Facebook shortly that will encourage my heart again.

I don't dread the countdown now! I look forward to it as each day I'm reminded of a blessing that came from this time in my life.

I'm sure we all realize that not everything in our lives is sunshine and rainbows. And moving can be hard. Change in any sense can be so hard for us, can't it? But what if, instead of dreading, we celebrated? Even though life is not about sunshine and rainbows everyday, we do get seasons of them! Beautiful seasons that we can celebrate and remember fondly. Seasons that give us strength to endure the difficulty of change and even find beauty in it.

I am actually finding that I'm beginning to be excited about our move since changing my perspective, too. There is no room for fear in the heart of a child of God! He's got me. He's had me all along. I know there will be tears when I leave, and yes, I will be sad. But I will have all of those fond memories to look back on and remember the faithfulness of God isn't just in my past. It's for my future, too. :)

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