Leslie Nease began as a fitness motivational speaker in the 1990's but once she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ, her messages morphed from physical fitness to spiritual fitness as her faith grew, her heart changed and her passion for equipping others increased.  

As a Christian speaker, she says her desire is not to just be a "motivational" or "inspirational" speaker, but instead, she hopes to pass on her passion for the Word of God and equip others to grow in their faith through faithful study and application of God's Word. Her messages are laced with Scripture, as she knows that true change only happens when the heart is changed by God as truth is applied to a life.

Leslie has been a familiar voice on Christian Radio for many years, as well. She has been
on the morning shows for both WLFJ (His Radio) and WRCM (New Life) and has also been one of the mid-day and/or weekend voices for WLFJ, WRCM and WMIT. Her passion for Christian radio is a perfect fit for her passion to spread the love of Jesus Christ in her community!
Leslie’s latest book, Wholehearted: Living the Life You Were Created to Live, was released in February 2013. Since then, she has released a Group Study Guide to go along with the book and has shared at several ladies retreats with the Wholehearted theme. She speaks frequently to civic organizations, universities, schools, and youth groups. Leslie has a way of relating to students and adults alike with her straightforward approach and willingness to be authentic about her struggles and victories. Leslie has a heart for equipping others to live out their faith boldly, but with gentleness and respect for those listening. 

Leslie has taught fitness for over twenty four years and has even written a book on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental fitness called Body Builders (available on Amazon).  Leslie currently works as a Group Exercise Instructor at Furman University's Physical Activities Center, where she teaches a few classes per week. As Mrs. North Carolina 2001, she traveled the state to encourage youth to get fit in order to prevent childhood obesity.  She is passionate about fitness in body, mind and spirit. 

Leslie has been married to her husband, Rod, since 1989 and they have four children together. She believes her most important calling in life is to be a wife and a mother. With two of their children out of the house, Leslie and Rod are still in the process of parenting their two teenage girls, a priority and passion in their lives.


Leslie on Survivor China
Leslie knows what it’s like to stand for your faith in an unpopular setting. During the first episode of Survivor: China, she was asked to bow before a statue in a Buddhist temple. However, Leslie refused to bow down and respectfully walked out. When confronted with her decision, she confidently stated, “I’m not religious, but I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and I’m only going to put my face on the floor for Him.”

Her short stay on Survivor has opened many doors for her to share her faith.  She continues to be humbled by the opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people from all around the world! 

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