Tuesday, October 30, 2018

He Hears Our Prayers!

It was my last day of Bible study with some of my best and dearest friends last month on a sunny, Carolina Wednesday. Lots of tears and lots of laughs. I knew this would be the hardest part of leaving SC...leaving my sweet Bible study friends. Friends I met through HUB Fitness, but who stayed with me long after HUB was a memory (a good one).

As our time together ended, my friends circled around me, laid hands on me and prayed. They prayed beautiful, specific prayers. They prayed for my family. They prayed for my heart - as they knew it was breaking over leaving. They prayed God would lead me quickly to a women's Bible study so I would make divine connections. They prayed I would find a good Gospel-preaching church that felt like home. They prayed for my new neighbors. They prayed God would make the rough places smooth. They loved on me so well. And as I left that day, tears fell down my face in thankfulness. I knew God brought these women into my life and I knew He heard their prayers.

Fast forward to today. As I am sitting here in my quiet time spot that my husband made specifically for me in our new home, I am overwhelmed as I think back to that day. Their specific prayers have ALL been answered already. Already!! 

My family has been a trooper about everything. Kennedy is adjusting well - thriving actually. Rod loves his job and we have spent a lot of time hiking the beautiful Utah mountains already. Peyton is back in SC at college and really doing a great job. She's been to visit and has already started making her room "hers" by decorating it. She studies interior design at college, so you can imagine it's the cutest and most exquisite room in the house so far! Answered prayer...check!

My heart is not broken anymore. Though I miss and love my friends dearly, it's really easy to keep in touch with them. I'm still on the prayer chain with my friends, so I know everything and can pray for them - which I do often. I'm happy to say that I found out a sweet young woman I went to church with YEARS ago in SC lives here and not only welcomed me to the area, but brought me a care package and lunch from Chick Fil A on the day we moved in - and she said, "You have to meet my friend, Chrystal! You remind me of each other! You will love her!" So she gave her my info and we connected. Chrystal said, "I'd love to have coffee with you on Monday! We have two options: you can meet with me at 11:30 after my Women's Bible study, or you can come to the study and we can chat afterwards!" Are you kidding me?! I went to the study and have been the past two weeks. I have already made some amazing connections, had lunch with one, and I felt at home immediately with these precious ladies! Oh, guess who lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to me? Yes, one of these precious ladies! We are having coffee together on Friday. Answered prayer....check!

We have been to three different churches, and still have a couple more to visit. So far, they have all been amazing. I'm not worried at all that we will find a church home here that will be a wonderful place to serve and grow. Answered prayer...check!

And let's talk about neighborhood. Oh my word. The day we moved in, we had about four people come by. The next few days, several more. We've received cookies, cakes, bread, home-made jelly, candles, hugs and even had one of our neighbors throw a block party to introduce all the neighbors to each other (there are three houses here on our block that just had new people move in). I even got to dress up for Halloween and go to a special "tea" with five other neighbors! The connections are coming fast - and they are dear to my heart. Our movers said, "I've never seen anyone so welcomed to their new home before! You all must be in a great neighborhood!" Seriously, God. You are the sweetest. Answered prayer...check!

Friends, I say all of this to remind you that God hears our prayers for one another. Don't ever think for a moment that He's not listening! And don't be afraid to pray specific prayers. Because their prayers were so specific, I am able to see exactly where He answered with such clarity. I'm a walking testimony of His heart to lead us well, to make the rough places smooth, to give us all we need. Sure, there have been tears and even hard days. But God is so evident in this move that I cannot imagine not being here. I am home. I am right where He wants me. All is well!

James 5:16 "Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results."