Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Hollow Tree

There used to be a dead, hollowed out tree lying in my yard. It had fallen over in a terrible storm. It was really in the way and though I had tried to move it several times, I never could because it was very heavy and awkward and I couldn't do it by myself. I began to step over it, mow around it and eventually stopped noticing it was even there.

A friend came over one day and noticed the tree right away. Her "fresh" perspective and unfamiliarity with the scene made it obvious to her. When she asked why I hadn't moved it, I was so embarrassed. I admitted my previous attempts to move it without help, and how after awhile it's like it was almost invisible to me! I didn't even notice it was still there. And I had never thought to ask for help!

This entire scenario really cut me to the core. You may be wondering what the big deal is...well, what if there were people in my life like that tree? People who are so hollow, so dead inside, that the storms of life have knocked them down. I try in my own strength to pick them up, but it's just too heavy for me, so eventually, I begin to step around them or over them. They become invisible...

God help me not to try to manage things in my own strength. Send people into my life who will help me see what is around me with a fresh perspective. Please don't allow me to become so oblivious that when the storms of life come knocking others down, I don't even notice the casualties. Give me eyes to see...and arms to serve. Give me wisdom to notice and a heart to love.

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