Retreat Packages

And He said to them, "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile." For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.  (Mark 6:31)

Can you relate to this?  We go, go, go all the time and Jesus is whispering to us to slow down, get away and allow Him to rejuvenate our spirit.  Retreats are such a wonderful way to do this - to focus on His Word, His Presence and His People.

Every retreat is prayed over by our amazing and dedicated prayer team.  Leslie and Linda team up for these retreats.  Leslie does the speaking and teaching, Linda is there for ministry support and counseling needs, along with prayer support.

Here are a few of the retreat packages that they have used in some of the churches, though they are happy to arrange a retreat for you based on what your needs are:

Wholehearted: Living the Life You Were Created to Live! 
(theme verse Ezekiel 36:26-27)
When God is calling us to be holy and righteous, how in the world can we possibly do this?  In our own strength, we cannot.  Leslie gives her testimony in the first session titled "Heart Transplant" (option to show it in drama-form, where she acts it out and then teaches at the end), the second session, titled "Heart Attack" focuses on temptation and attacks of the enemy and what God's Word says about fighting those attacks.  The third session is "Broken Heart" and focuses on how to endure suffering as a believer and what breaks God's heart (and how to line our hearts up with His).  The final session is called "Heart Overflow" and focuses on the overflow of our hearts - what comes out of our mouth is a strong indicator of our heart condition.  How do we ensure our hearts are healthy?

Rest, Recharge, Renew (theme verse Mark 6:31)
This package includes 3-4 sessions where we focus on what it looks like to take time to slow down and enjoy God's presence while still being effective in our lives.  We take a look at the lives of Mary and Martha and study the meaning of "be still and know that I am God".  The topics also include worry and fear - some of the huge stumbling blocks in the lives of many Christian women today.  Leave feeling rested, recharged and renewed! 

Get Gutsy for God (theme verses Matthew 14:25-32)
How do we find the courage to step out of our comfort zones with God?  Leslie takes a look at the story from Matthew 14, where Jesus tells Peter to come to him - walking on the water.  This story, combined with life experiences and many other powerful scriptures, will help you to focus on what God is calling you to do with more faith, excitement and trust.  The four sessions are titled: Get Real, Get Focused, Get Humble and Get Wet!

Here are some references for you from past retreat coordinators:

Encouraging, transparent, energetic, fun and deeply in love with Christ are just a few things that come to mind when describing Leslie.  As she spoke at our womens retreat, it felt as if we were sitting in her kitchen sharing a cup of coffee.  She is so authentic and approachable; by the end of the first session you feel like you have been friends for a long time. God has truly gifted her as a speaker.  She is able to reach those who are new to their faith as well as those who are more mature.   

The most amazing part of her ministry besides her passion for God and others, is Linda Reppert – her ministry assistant, mentor and friend.  Linda not only assists with tech needs, but she is a prayer warrior with such an incredible ability to counsel women.  She has so much godly wisdom and a passion to share Christ.   Between speaking sessions, this incredible team loved on, prayed with, laughed with, counseled and ministered to our women.  In fact, Linda continues to come alongside some of our ladies months after our retreat.  This was by far one of the best retreats we have had!  I highly recommend this dynamic godly ministry team -  the lives of your women will be changed!

Michelle Ernster
Retreat Coordinator, First Baptist, Elk Grove, CA

This is a letter of recommendation for Leslie Nease as a retreat speaker. Two years ago, Leslie came to speak at Weddington United Methodist Church at a Ladies Night Out. She is very well known here in the Charlotte Metro area due to her position she had on the New Life radio station. Leslie did such a wonderful that job that evening. She was very well organized; she used multi media in her presentation along with her speaking. She did not have any trouble keeping anyone’s attention, but it was her spirit that caught everyone’s attention. If I had one word to describe Leslie, that would be a magnet. God has given her the gift of captivating people’s attention and keeping it so she can tell them of His love. That is so cool!

This past year, I was appointed as the Weddington United Methodist Women’s Retreat Leader. When I took that position, I knew exactly beyond a shadow of a doubt who I wanted to be the speaker for that weekend. The committee and I prayed about it and we all agreed that Leslie was the one God had placed in our hearts to ask. We were not disappointed. I knew of Leslie’s testimony, not just of being on the Survivor show, but her testimony of her life before. The theme that God placed on my heart for that weekend was Breaking Chains that can keep us from a real relationship with God. And knowing Leslie’s testimony and her life experiences made her the perfect choice.

Leslie was very open to meeting with me to discuss the topics of the retreat, any ideas that we had, and she gave some wonderful suggestions and input. She met with our committee for prayer before the retreat and that meant so much to all of us. Leslie is a very down to earth person and does not know a stranger, and that made the weekend all the better.

I cannot really say enough about Leslie Nease. She is a soul sister! The women of our church were so drawn to her. She is so much fun, so loving, so compassionate towards others. That weekend I saw Leslie pray with women, take time out of her free time to council women, to answer questions, just being a friend to people in need. And I saw her laughing with the women and just having fun being with a group of ladies who needed a getaway. I would recommend Leslie to anyone who is in need of a real revival with their group. She was such a refreshing drink of water to our souls.

Amy Steward
Retreat Coordinator at Weddington United Methodist Church, Weddington, NC

The Catawba ARP Women's ministry was very blessed to have Leslie as our speaker. She is so approachable, genuine and just a down to earth kind of girl.  Her presentations at the retreat were so well organized and thought out. Through her presentations you could just see how much she loved the Lord and her wanting so much for others to know Him. 

What impressed me personally about Leslie, she is definitely a prayer warrior. She was constantly in prayer, which lead to the powerful message she gave to our ladies. In Leslie's first session, she performed her testimony in drama, which allowed you to get to know her and it helped the ladies to break down any barriers that they may have had. 

Each of the four sessions Leslie spoke on was very uplifting and God centered.  The ladies that attended this retreat were filled with a renewal and revival of God's spirit. The ladies could not stop talking about this up lifting message that Leslie gave and how every session touched each lady.  Its just so hard to put in words, but the Holy Spirit was definitely felt during this weekend retreat. Ladies be prepared for a spiritual journey.

Just one other note: bring plenty of tissues :)

Lisa Rivers,
Catawba ARP Retreat Coordinator, York, SC

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